ANECACAO’s achievements

  • The Association restored the prestige of the Ecuadorian COCOA within the international market, through the quality requirement of the Ecuadorian cocoa for export.

  • The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) acknowledges ANECACAO and so it does the Cocoa Newsletter and the World Cocoa Director, promoting our activities worldwide.

  • On July 22nd of 2005, the National Cocoa was declared Product Symbol of Ecuador according to the Ministerial Agreement No. 070 of the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Positive results have been obtained for cocoa through campaigns focused on quality at the following levels: elimination of the impurities, rate of humidity, good agricultural practice, pruning, rehabilitation and renovation, appropriate drying, traceability on the export market and a fair price for a good cocoa.

  • Information exchange with the public sector: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Trade; and also with independent organisms such as INIAP, AGROCALIDAD, ICCO; as well as with international organisms such as CIRAD in France, CEPLAC in Brazil, the Luker Foundation in Colombia, CATIE in Costa Rica, CONACACAO and FEDECACAO in Colombia.

  • Institutional support by FEDEXPORT, the Federation of Producers of Cocoa, Agricultural Cocoa plantations Cooperatives, CORPEI as well as Chambers of Commerce and industry.

  • Development of the researches in laboratories with for purpose of improving the quality control of the Cocoa for export.

  • Promotions and seminars at a regional level with universities or organizations of the sector.

  • Compliance from the associated companies of ANECACAO, to the quality standards of the International Organization concerning the use of cabuya bags without oil wastes.

  • Departments of Statistics and Foreign Trade with for purpose of handling real-time information of the Cocoa sector.

  • Setting-up biotechnologies within the sector, to generate and optimize the organic production.