The Cocoa CCN51

The CCN51 is a cocoa cloned of Ecuadorian origin that on June 22nd, 2005 was declared as a good of high productivity by Ministerial agreement. By this statement, the Ministry of Agriculture proves its support to promote the production of CCN51 as well as in its commerce and export.

This clone, cultivated in Ecuador is considered as a common/ordinary variety of cocoa.


In 1965, after several researches, the agricultural engineer from Ambato Province, Homero Castro Zurita named this clonal CCN-51 after him "Coleccion Castro Naranjal".


This cocoa is the result of a lot of researches done by Castro until he finally got the type 51, resistant to diseases and of high quality and productivity.


The CCN-51 varies significantly from the National Cocoa Arriba, from its production to its exportation and with different niche markets. There are certain market players interested in Ecuadorian cocoa for their unique aromas and flavors profiles, on the other hand others look for a not so high quality cocoa for the elaboration of chocolates according to their own formulas.

The Ecuadorian market is divided in the following way: 75% of National Cocoa and 25% of cocoa CCN-51.